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  • out of state case Iowa

    i live in the state of iowa but i have currently three boys they are trippletts age 12 i have several contacts with the mother and i have 50% percent being taken from my buissiness of work for childsupport .my question is the tripletts dont have my last name they have the mothers last name they live in the state of north dekota i dont get photos ,letters etc. i dont have the courts in north dekota sayin i cant see my sons but i have not been to court to obtain that plain of action in front of the gudge in north dekota i pay medical insurance for them through my job but she has never used it? i am in the rears in my childsupport so i know ill never get caught up is or would it be possoble that if she were to get married or because of the fact the children has the mothers last name and not mine my name is not on the birth certificate but i did take a blood test .would i be able to sign a release form to just pay only the rears that i owe or would the children have to have a step father in the home ? i am seeking the right way to do this i dont ever get to see them ?

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    Duplicate post.

    Please stop making multiple posts of all of your questions. It's frustrating and confusing.
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