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Child support/passport questions - New York

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  • Child support/passport questions - New York

    Wow, I have a lot of issues I need to straighten out. Basically, this is my situation: I applied for and most probally will be hired for an overseas job that I should leave for on oct 1st. I have several problems holding me back, a passport and bank account needed for direct deposit. About 2 1/2 years ago, I agreed to pay $275 weekly for my 2 children. I had a job making $31 an hour (1200 a week) and shes required %25 of that for the 2 of them. Now I cant nail down an exact number, but in 2003 and 2004, I made about 26 grand each year. I lost the 31 dollar job a few months after this agreemwnt was reached. Due do periods of unemployment and now making 20 an hours instead of 31, I now owe her over 10,000. NY law (or federal) states that after 5,000 you cant get a passport. They send your name to the passport registry and you cant get the passport. On Tuesday I plan on getting a court date to have my due support be altered, but these dates comes in about 2 months. Even if everything goes as planned on that day it would only leave me 3 weeks to get my passport, and they are going to want me to send a copy of it probally no later then that time. The bottom line is there isnt enough time to do this. As far as my bank account goes, there was a hold put on it when i opened it a year ago, and when the hold expired, the account was closed and unuseable. I cant be gone for 6 months with my checks being funnneled into an account thats going to send it all somewhere else and have me with $0 after 6 months. Also, my current passport expires in Sept and i use that with my liscence to cash my paychecks at my bosses bank, thats the only way i can do it.

    Can I check to see if my name is
    on the non-passport getting list?

    Is there anyway to get an expedited court
    date to ammend my support debt?

    Is there anything I can use besides my
    Passport as a 2nd I.D for cashing checks
    (I'll be without it either way for awhile at least)

    Thanks a ton, i relize I'm not asking about dating a 14 year old girl, but family law seems to be where this belongs.

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    The State of New York reports to the no passport list, so you need to contact them. As for the hearing date, my suggestion is to contact the mother, explain the situation and that you need her to agree to some kind of arrangement so you can get a passport and work and for a reasonable modification since you are not able to make 31/hour anymore. I hate it when people are not reasonable, but I think you should try this more directly and see if the state would accept that because if you cannot work, no one will get anything and at a certain point it all becomes counterproductive to leave you unable to work and earn any money.


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      The no passport can they be contacted or found...

      contact the mother, explain the situation and that you need her to agree to some kind of arrangement
      The mother isnt really gonna give me a hard time as far as i can tell. I mean, i go in with my tax returns and show I made 26,000 last year and paid her 10, theyre obviously gonna realize i paid about 4g's more then i needed to. The issue is getting them to change it. It cant be changed until the court date right?