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    Ok Heres The Thing Im 17 and My Parents Just Kicked Me Out 3weeks Ago This Friday ... And I Have Looked All Over The Internet For Help... I Was Wondering If There Was Anyway to make my parents pay me childsupport seeing as im still a minor and how i can go about gettin my self emancipated from their care seing as they no long want anything to do wiht me ... if you could help me i would love you forever thanks a bunch


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    call child services on them


    my 17 year old is sitting right next to me as i write this and as much as we do not get along sometimes irealize that he is still only 17. But his bags could very well be packed and on the front porch on May 9 of 2006 because he will turn 18 the day before.

    call cys on your parents and at least they will get into trouble and you will have a place to stay

    you cant just throw your kids away as much as they piss you off and drive you insane. you can however send them to military academies, rehab, mental health facilities , ect ect ect.

    good luck to you



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      here are some very helpful websites, good luck. post what happens


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        what is cys??? and i dont as muhc want to get my parents in trouble seeing asi have a 14 yeard old sister that sitll lives wiht them but the thing about her is that she gets wawy wiht whatever she wants she drinks till she pukes she does drugs and my parents could care lesss...i just want my parents to change the wqay they are...and i want them to feel bad about what theyve done....


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          First, you CANNOT get CS from your parents AND be legally emancipated. To be emancipated by filing a petition with the court, you will have to be able to prove to a Judge that you can support yourself (CS would be support from your parents).
          Second, your parents cannot LEGALLY "throw you out" of your (thier) home. They are legally responsible to provide for you (home, food, medical, etc) until you reach the age of majority, which in NY I believe is 21.

          So, the best thing that you can do at this point is to go to some adult friend or family member, live with them. Then that adult can file for guradianship/custody and CS. If you don't have any one to stay with, you'll really have no choice but to go to child protective services and tell them that your parents kicked you out and they will make sure that you have somewhere to live.


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            similar situ in NYS

            My husbands ex kicked out their then 17 year old, she went to stay with her maternal grandparents and has been living there on and off since (she'll be 19 in May). My question is, do the grandparents have to get custody and they have to file for support against my husband, or can she do that herself since she is now over 18?


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              milertary school....does anyone have info on them


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                Originally posted by inara34
                milertary school....does anyone have info on them
                Try doing a google search using the key words military academy and the state you are interested in.