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17 year old in New York Wanting to get emancipated

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  • 17 year old in New York Wanting to get emancipated

    I am 17 years old, and I live with my mother. My mom and dad got divorced because my father was abusive. I want to move out because i have a job, and I am a senior at Tonawanda High school. My mother doesnt even have a job, she is currently getting unemployment. She got her GED but never attended college. She drives me crazy and blames everything on me. She threatens to not get my foot surgery done if I am ot good. She punishes me for crazy things. Her boy friend is crazy. I want to know if I can get emancipated in New York State. If so, what should i do.

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    Sounds like you have grounds to, but before trying to get emancipated, see about going to live with a family friend or relative that your mother can give a power of attroeny to to care for you. I also suggest talking with a school counselor to explore other options, and maybe foster care til you are age 18 is another option. Good luck but talk with some adults you can trust and get decent advice from. Ans if you need foot surgery and y our mother is not allowing it, tell the doctor or go to DCF and tell them as it could be grounds for your mother to lose custody of you. But you need to talk with a counselor and try to formulate a plan.


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      What If???

      What if you have no job, and you are still in school. I have places i can go. But everytime i think about leaving my parents say they will call the cops on me for runaway. They are telling me i can not date my boyfriend because of the way he dresses. They raised me up not to judge a book by its cover and they are doing it to him. It really pisses me off that they are doing this, and to be honest i want to get out now. They told me that they are going to kick me out as soon as i graduate high school. But thats in a year. I will be 19 when i graduate. And i told my parents that i am going to emancipate them when i turn 18. Now i am resurching what i have todo and finding out that i can do it now makes me even more happy and ready to move out and live with Courtney and her mom! Kim seems to understand me more as a parent and doesnt judge a book by its cover. i told my dad that i hate him and im not going to say that he is my father. Im just going to call him Billie!!!! When he gets pissed he gets out of control. He charges me and my little sister. And last night he tryed to hit me!!! I WONT TAKE THAT FROM ANYBODY! IM A STRONG AND INDEPENTED PERSON!!! I DO NOT NEED A FATHER THAT WILL BRING ME DOWN!!!! what should i do!!!