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Out of state child support termination. New York

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  • Out of state child support termination. New York

    Good afternoon all,
    I've been doing independent research for some time, and haven't gotten a clear answer. I live in CO raising my three children. I have another in Jefferson county, NY. The birth mother and I agreed that it was in everyone's interest to let her husband adopt the son both financially and logically for all concerned. My question it this. Since the adoption (going on 4 years ago), I am still getting billed for child support. I have asked her and she's assured that it's interest and accrual of unpaid money; however, I am paying over 800.00/mo for one child, and the slip from NY child support enforcement only shows an amount of 26.00 going toward arrears with a still current "weekly" amount. I know the state must've kept charging me, but she will not grant me any information. I've called child support enforcement and need a new PIN to login (twice I've called with nothing coming in the mail.) I've appealed and had it denied. I don't se ehow legally i can still be getting charged unless arrears. BY my calculations, at this point, she should be owing me money with the amount she's been paid (neither looking for nor wanting money back, just a statement.)
    My goal here is this:
    1. Terminate current support order due to legal adoption (the child's last name has even changed on the support enforcement documents)
    2. To clear arrearages that accrused since the date of adoption other than anythin owed and/or interest and state processing fees.

    I can't cind the right form to do this since I have to snail-mail it certified and do electronic testimony. I'm at a loss. I'm hoping someone can just give me a quick link to grab the right form. Jefferson County forms are online, but I've learned if I send the wrong one, basically nothing happens. And yes I DID appeal to the district court initially base on the amount they took was way over 17% base on her testimony, but it was denied. I feel I get little to no help unless I'm directly in front of the clerk's face.

    Thank you all for your time reading and any responses.