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Out of state custodys and child support New York

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  • Out of state custodys and child support New York

    So I am currently living in NY and my ex lives in FL. My ex moved to FL when our son was 1 year old, my ex left voluntarily on March 18th 2005. That was when we both were living in SC. I since then had moved to NY. Now that I opened a child support case on February of 2007 and the final court order went out in April of 2008. For one I can not get no where with the child support it for some reason is going through the state of FL instead of here in NY where I filled it. I can not seem to get no questions answered through my case worker or the NY state hotline. It is getting very frustrating and now my case worker said that after 3 years of the final order date they will stop pursuing the case. I have given my worker all of his information his ss# and his address last and present employer and they for some reason can not find him and or garnish his wages.

    For the custody part my ex has not seen or made any attempts to contact or see our son in 4 years now. Now that I open the child support case my ex has made very few but has attempted to contact me through email. he is now telling me he is filling for partial custody of our son. I am just wondering how great his chances are at doing that since he has not wanted anything to do with him in the past 4 years. Saw our son last 3 days after his first birthday and called him when he was 2 and a half years old and then again on his 3rd birthday and nothing since he contacted me through email on may 6th 2008. i never kept him away from our son he knew what he was doing when he left to FL. i called him when I moved to NY and told him where I was at, he did not ask for my exact address though. He has always none how to contact me through emails since my phone # has changed a few times. I told him I should not have to bend over backwards so he can know how his son is doing and I did not contact him through the years he left and he did what he had to do not calling or writing to know how our son was doing.

    So I just again what to put out there my question on how good are his chances on getting any say in our son life and how will the visistations go about since we live in separate states?

    How do I get my child support progress move along faster as well?

    Since my ex has not been in our sons life can and how do I go about filling for abandonment and getting his parental rights terminated?

    thank you,
    Emma D