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NY "child" turning 21 still in school - terminate support? New York

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  • NY "child" turning 21 still in school - terminate support? New York

    My daughter (never married to the mother) is turning 21 this weekend and is still in a city college in NY ( tuition fully paid by grants etc). No mention of any support termination age or college payments in the support order which has been effect. No issues on payment of support - direct payment to the mother has been made on time with nothing owed.

    My daughter also has a part time ( and for 8 months full time) job in the school system and earns a nice wage. She is not a dependent on her mother's taxes ( actually the mother does not file) she files on her own.

    I am planning to go to the court to file for a termination of support but the mother tells me I have to pay the support until she graduates college next June. She seems to think I have to pay support if my daughter wants to go to graduate school too - is this true? I will help my daughter when I can but I thought the age was 21 in NY and since my daughter earns a nice sum of money each month, she could support herself - actually she helps support her mother not the other way around.

    Any thoughts on how to approach this legally - does anyone think I will have any trouble stopping support? Do I have to pay until she graduates? What about Grad school?

    Appreciate all help

    Thank you
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    The age of emancipation for child support in NY is 21, NOT graduation from college (unless of course, the order says you must pay through college...which yours apparently does not). You should have no problem having the child support order stopped.
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