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Giving up an absent father's rights in New York

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  • Giving up an absent father's rights in New York

    I have legal sole custody of my son since he was one. he is now 6 going on 7 in December.
    His father and I were never married.
    His biological father has not seen him or bothered to look for my son for 19 mos.
    Just found out last month he joined the army so that he could start a new life with his new family.
    Has not paid child support for 3 mos.
    I do not want child support from him, a father is someone who raises a child not just pass $$$
    My son cries whenever his bio father is mentioned due to when his father locked a girlfriend in a closet.
    My husband of of a year who has been in my son's life since he was 2 and a 1/2 years takes care of my son, is there when he has asthma attacks, take him to school and coaches his baseball and football team wants to adopt him.
    What steps should I take?

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