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  • Could this be? New York

    My son is 13 years old and said that he is going to take me to court to "divorce me" (his mother). Is this legal? He thinks that once he goes through with his court case he will be moving in with his grandmother. Is my son just talking or could this be possible?... If so what is the leagle name for it? Should I call a lawyer?

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    No, it is not legally possible for your 13 year old child to sue you for anything. The only thing that could possibly happen is that the GM could try to sue you for custody (and then she would have to prove thatyou are unfit to raise your child). Your son is sort of talking about legal emancipation. The only problems with his theory are that NO court in the US will emancipate a 13 year old child and NY does not have legal statutes or legal proceedings for legal emancipation. Unfortunately for him, his littly 13 year old butt will be living where you tell him he will be living. I suggest that you and your son attend family counseling to resolve whatever issues y'all are having, even if it is to make him come to grips with the fact that you are his boss.
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