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  • Stalled Adoption in NY New York

    We are in the midst of a very slow-moving adoption in NY. We live in Florida and adopted through an agency. Finally, 8 months after the baby was placed with us, we were able to get the information we needed from the agency and hire an attorney to finalize. It took her another 7 months to get the information she needed from the agency and file a petition. Now the judge has asked for repetitious items, extra clearances, affadavits regarding a number of things. We are in the process of moving out of the country, and our sense is that the judge does not approve and is stalling.

    My question is what are our options? We don't have a lot of money to go to another lawyer. Is it possible to get a guardian ad litem appointed to represent the baby's rights? How likely is it that the judge can keep delaying?

    We have adopted three other children, two from the state of NY. We have had zero problems finalizing. This is ridiculous! By the way this is a child with special needs who has been hospitalized numerous times, takes many meds, and is medically fragile.