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  • Divorce Summons New York

    I was served a Action for Divorce Summons. It states "You are hereby summoned to serve a notice of appearance on the plaintiffs attorney within 20 days after the service of this summons......"

    What exactly does this mean?? Do I need to contact the attorney in person??

    What do I do if I can not afford legal representation and do not want to be killed by this attorney??

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    IF you do not reply in some form in the next 20 days, a default judgement could be entered against you. (Default means he gets whatever he asked for in the papers!)You either need to consult with an atty., contact legal aid, beg/borrow the money, or you will have to represent yourself. You should get an atty.


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      Can I answer to this atty that I received the papers and in the process of obtaining an atty on my behalf. Will this arrest the procedure for now to buy me some time to find representation