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Question please? New York

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  • Question please? New York

    when are other places every looked at for being neglectful in there behaviors?....i get so angry...16 year olds have so much rights...well for instance i am so trying to get my daughter on track...she is a mother of a 7 month old son that we share custody of...she uses that fact to control everything...i am fighting for full custody at the moment but she is fighting against me..(and she does not even want the responsiblity)...well now look at this...when the baby was born i am making sure insurance and things are switched and they tell me they cannot tell me nothing she has to call in and do it i told them she is 15(at the time) go...well she did not do it and i struggled with that issue for months intill about a month ago...well in the process she had no insurance no birth controll and very very devient young lady...i am trying everything....i call planned parenthood because mind you she has no birth controll they tell me i cannot make and appointment she must....grrrrrr so i tell her she has to over and over...nothing call them back over and luck same thing she is pregnant again and they want to ask me how this could happen...grrrr....well guess where this happpen on school ground...