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    I currently live in CO with my 11 year old son. I have had a case with NM Child Support Enforcement for 10.5 years (Including one with CO for the last 5 years). The father has never been current on child support. I just found out that he has had child #4 with mother #4 (I have and am #1). It took 8 years to even go to court for the first time. He lives with his mother and usually doesn't have a job. And in the past when he did have a job Mother/Child #3 got child support payments and I didn't. How does this work? And what can I do to get support? I have called and asked to make sure that all the cases were linked, and was told that they could not give me any information on the other cases... not that I was asking for any... just wanted to make sure they were linked, so my son was getting just as much support as all the other children.
    What else can I do to get the Chold Support Division to do their job. And what can they do to get him to be responisable for all of these children he is having and not taking care of.
    It kills me that these kids have to go through this.
    Any help would be greatfull...