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Family torn apart by 2 ex's working as partners New Mexico New York New Mexico

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  • Family torn apart by 2 ex's working as partners New Mexico New York New Mexico

    In Feb of this year my 1st husband filed a false Affidavit w/ our local district court claiming that my current husband had broken my shin bone and my ribs and had abused my little girl (a child that is not his) and called the bio-father of my youngest child (who had not seen her since she was 2 days old) who signed a 2nd Affidavit claiming the same thing and 2 1/2 hours later the deputy showed up w/ an ex-parte order and took my 4 yr old daughter and handed her over to her bio-father (who had never claimed paternity or ever pd child support) who was a complete & total stranger to her & here we are 7 months later & he still has temp. physical custody. There was no physical evidence to support this claim, no arrest was made & a safehouse interview of my little girl proved there was never any reason for anyone to fear that she was in harms way. The judge who ordered the temp phys cstdy stated that he did not believe that anything had happened this time but that he felt that there had been abuse in our past! The only testimoney claiming prior abuse came from my 1st husband who said that our older 2 children had told him this. Eight days after the initial hearing my 1st husband filed a restraining order against my husband so that my older 2 could not return to my home. During that hrg. he had to face my husband for the 1st time. & then told the DV judge that he had never been threatened by my husband, that his children had never been harmed in my household & that he never saw any signs of abuse in me or my youngest daughter. Needless to say the case was dismissed & he was admonished by that judge. This provides physical evidence of perjury in the first case. The oldest of the 2 testified against her father's claims & her father completely disowned her w/in 48 hours of her testimoney. We have spent almost $15000.00 already & now we are broke. Our attorneys quit on us three weeks ago because we could no longer afford to pay them & I am terrified out of my mind that I am not going to get my little girl back. Her bio-father has a 17 yr criminal history as a con artist & meth dealer. He has been in & out of state & federal prisons in FL & NM & HE HAS MY CHILD! I have not seen her in 2 months now and for this entire time ( 7mos.) he has only allowed me to speak to her on the phone 1 time. I haven't slept in weeks, my heart aches so deeply that sometimes I feel like I am breaking in two. How can we file criminal charges & get these two put away? Trust me, this is only the tip of the iceberg of the story & the things they have done to us. My 1st husband has stalked & harrassed me like this for 6 years & this is the 2nd time he has reopened our custody case on our older 2 based on a false statement. Both of these me want me to pay them child support-the 1st makes $70k per yr and the 2nd owes me 4 1/2 years of back child support. I only make $8.00 per hour. How do I show the current judge these guys are lyeing? Where do I find a lawyer tha's affordable & will file a civil law suit against these 2 men for libel, slander, perjury, malicious fraud, child abuse, etc?

    Update: I have just learned that I can file a grievance with the State Bar Assoc. because the two attorneys of my two x's have learned that the Affidavits are not true and they have failed to request a dismissal of the case.
    Their knowledge of this took place in March and yet they have continued to press on. Any comments anyone?
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