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  • 17 and out of control Nevada

    Backstory: My teen has gone through the normal i hate you attitude days but with her recent diagnosis 2009 of diabetes she has become self destructive. I see depression and sadness. This has been 4 years of up and down behavior. The running away started after i got re married. The i want to live with dad happend and lasted 4 months during that time she started smoking heroin and any kind of opiates. When i found out i had her admitted to rehab. 3 weeks of crying and sorrys. I let her come home and within a week she was back to cussing us out lieing and manipulating. Sneaking out ans running away. Her diabetes is of no concern to her and all i think about when she is gone is her health and safety. She refused to go to school. Ditching and being suspended. At 17 i put her in adult ed and she found drug friends there and would leave on the bus and call me from the east side saying she feels sick. Back to rehab for 3 weeks. Out of rehab 1 week and threats of suicide back to rehab for 3 more weeks (insurance limitations). Therapy didnt work meds made it worse and she just wantwd to sell them. So i kept them away. 4 years if verbal abuse, cops had picked her up 5 times and never took her in. Holes in my walls, little brother who is 12 and having a rough time with it. Trying to keep my new marriage together....when he has every reason to walk .... god bless him!! Her father is 48 an still partys in vegas like hes 20 so he really wanrs nothing to do with it.

    I have asked my sister to help. She was gone 9 days she finally called me because she was out of insulin. Took her to er and unstead of rehab her uncle picked her up and got her out of this town. Away from graffiti friends and drugs. She still calls and cusses me out but im used to that.
    She has been gone 2 months. I love and miss her but i do not miss her drama.
    After 2 months at my sisters she must have become bored because she ran from there to her fathers sisters house ( other aunt) same town in cali.
    She called names used her same tactics to piss off everyone.
    I allowed her to leave one aunt for the other....after conversation with her father we both agree that her return to vegas would be a bad idea.

    Now my questions:
    My sister and i had a verbal agreement. I sent her half of my child support check and paid for all her meds and supplies.
    I sent a temporary medical release form. Things were ok between my sister and i.

    But now shes with my ex's sister who Legally wants guardianship and wants child support sent directly to her so she knows shes getting whats owed.
    Totally different situation.
    She will be 18 in 6 months. I feel thats alot of un necessary drama.

    Any advice in how to handle the other aunt.
    I can always have authoritys pick her up and hold her for running away from my sisters, until i can get there to pick her up. But im afraid she'd run the first time i stop for gas.
    Bringing her home is a bad idea and we cannot afford a bootcamp type school or it would have been done.
    Im confident in my decisions and i feel like im saving her life by keeping her away.

    Where do I go from here.
    Her aunt is not as reasonable as my sister, an the ex all if a sudden wants to have more ofa say because of the possible child support changes. I dont care about the money and sendung half is fair and reasonable. I do have a problem with her wanting guardianship.
    My apologies for a long story and thats a long story short!!
    Any advice is appreciated. Please don't tell me im a bad mom for sending her away, i truly feel im saving her life and saving her from drug addiction and ending up on the las vegas strip as an angry teen runaway.

    Is there any document that will allow legal TEMPORARY guardianship until shes 18.
    But i will not loose my parental rights. For instance if im unhappy with her aunts living arrangements etc...i can still have the final decision in all decisions regarding my daughter.
    Thank you

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    I'm not going to tell you that you're a bad parent at all.

    You may be able to get temporary guardianship sorted out fairly easily. A quick google led me to these Nevada guardianship forms. right here

    If I were you though, I'd have a chat with a local attorney first to figure out exactly what you want to do.