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  • 15 vs. 20 year old

    I am a fifteen year old girl who is talking to a 20 year old. We have been talking since about five months ago and we like eachother very much. He is a gentlemen, respects me and my family, sincere,little senstive, cute, and is exactly the type I like. He is latin from Guatemala and he is the greatest person ever. We aren't actually going out because I am to young right now and he says he is going to wait for me until when I am 18 year old and can actually date. We liked eachother instanly and we are getting to know eachother more and more as the time passes on. My parents are okay with him because he is great and they are fine with letting me talk to him and when I see him we are never alone, we are always gathered as a family andit doesn't bother him at all. The only problem in this whole thing is my 19-year-old brother. He says its wrong for a 20 year old to like a 15 year old girl, but I tell him that we liked eachother instanly and it doesn't matter because we are just getting to know eachother better and not dating. I live in maryland and I am not familar with "dating" laws in here. So if anyone can help me out there I would appreciate it a lot . What are the laws in maryland about "talking" to a minor?? PLEASE HELP ME BECAUSE I AM CONFUSED AND DON"T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!


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    There is no law that prevents adults from talking to minors. If there were, we'd sure have a problem on our hands, what with parents not being able to talk to their children and teachers not being able to talk to students and people in general not being able to talk to the 16 year old check out clerk at the grocery store!

    If you and this man wish to "date," there is no law against that either. However, you may not in any way, shape or form have sexual contact with him, and that is NOT just sex. It includes hugging, kissing, and even hand holding. Nor can you exchange messages (notes, e-mails, text messages, IM's, letters, or any other form of communication) of a sexual nature (including kissing and hugging, not just about sex). If you do these things between now and the time you are 16, he is committing a felony. If you do these things between the time that you are 16-18, he is committing a misdemeanor.

    Basically, you can be his friend, and date him only if "dating" does not ever include contact any racier than a high-five or handshake. And you may ONLY do this if it is ok with your parents. AND your parents have the right to change their mind at any time.

    As far as your brother is concerned, there is nothing you can do to force your brother to be on your side. Personally, I agree with him, and think that a 20 year old man should steer clear of a 15 year old girl.


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      so that 20-year old can be my friend... right now we are not dating because I don't want any problems we are just really great friends ...if you had a 15-year old sister what would u do in that case????but thankx for the the laws in maryland are that we can talk but not have any sexual contact...until I am 18 years old...rite???well thankx....i was what I am going to do is keep talking to him but wait until I am 18 years old to date him.and he says he will respect my decision and he will wait for me??thankx one more time



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        notta thang wrong

        hey my names paula and i figured id get my 2 since in. as the person above me put yea it is okay for you to talk to him and date him. im dating a 19 year old and im 14. so i know exactly where ur comming from. just dont do anything stupid. like have sex. cause if you wind up pregnant then hes gonna go to jail and your gonna be stuck home by ur self. with the baby. so stear clear of that. but as for anything else. i dont see nothing wrong with it . jsut dont let anyone see you or know of it lol. and everything will be fine =].

        and tell your bro to lay off. cause you can fall in love with a older guy just like he can fall in love with you. age is just a number. and i dont see why there is any law against sexual contact with a older person. its not rape. rape is when you say no and they dont stop. gawwwwwwwh its so stupid. but yea =]


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          Oh good grief....

          You necroposted to give patently false information?

          Well, that's what you get from a 14 year old kid who does NOT know what the statutes state.

          Love is not an affirmative defense in a court of law. Not even if you really, really, reaaaallllly love each other.

          He touches you in any manner that could be sexually stimulating (and yes, that includes something as simple as a hug) he can face charges. A pregnancy or baby does not have to exist to prove guilt.
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