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Abandoned girl child restored to parents

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  • Abandoned girl child restored to parents

    Abandoned girl child restored to parents

    Tirupati, Feb 7 (UNI) An 18-month-old abandoned girl child in Tirumala was
    restored to her mother and the foster father amid apprehensions about her
    future safety.

    Sonali, daughter of Geetha and Prithyamna Kumar hailing from Hubli, was handed
    over to Geetha and her husband after necessary formalities yesterday, TTD
    sources said.

    Sonali was allegedly abandoned in Tirumala on January 29. She was spotted by
    TTD Vigilance staff near the 'Vaikuntam Queue' complex and was taken care of by
    TTD special officer Dharma Reddy. Later on Thursday, the child was put into a
    home ''Akshya Kshetram'' of the Social Welfare Department for adoption purposes
    if the parents were not identified.

    Prithyamna Kumar, an engineer, telephoned from Hubli yesterday to claim the
    child after seeing some news report. On the other hand, some neighbours of
    Kumar too telephoned several TTD officials urging them not to hand over the
    girl child to the foster father, fearing danger to her life.

    It came to light that Geetha and Rithyumna Kumar got married three months ago.
    While Geetha was a divorcee, it was said that a criminal case was pending
    against Kumar as his first wife had died in mysterious circumstances. Both of
    them married against the wishes of Kumar's parents as they did not like him to
    marry a woman with a girl child. Since then, the child allegedly remained a
    burden to them and with the intention of abandoning her, they undertook a
    25-day tour of the country.

    Kumar told the TTD special officer A V Dharma Reddy that the child went missing
    during their recent visit to Tirumala and he had lodged a complaint with the
    vigilance staff. However Kumar, reportedly had told his friends and neighbours
    in Hubli that they had left the child with some relatives.

    The child was handed over to Geetha and Kumar after due warning.

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