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New Orleans, Louisiana - parental rights - seventeen moving out (?)

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  • New Orleans, Louisiana - parental rights - seventeen moving out (?)

    I know that in Louisiana, at age seventeen I am "legal." As far as I know, this law only holds for sexual activity. My boyfriend's mother called the police on him once, but he is seventeen and the police officer said flat-out that he no longer had to listen to her. My boyfriend is convinced that in October, I am legally able to tell my parents goodbye and move out. I'm not going to drop out of school, and I'm not going to leave on bad terms, but I honestly think that things would work out better if I left. I really am considering talking to them about moving out, but I was unsure of the actual law and they seem to think that I'm crazy. Can anyone tell me for SURE what the "legal" age is for teens in Louisiana to take control of their own lives. 18? 17? I need to know. Thank you.

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    Nope, unless you have your parent's permission or are legally emancipated, you must be 18 to legally leave home. Age of consent has nothing to do with age of majority. Two seperate things. Now at 17, the police may not be gung ho to drag you hhome, but if your parents push the issue, the police will HAVE to find you and return you to your home (or juvenile detention until your parents come to get you). If you are in a position where you can rationally discuss this with your parents, that is what you should do.
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      Originally posted by sierraricco
      My boyfriend's mother called the police on him once, but he is seventeen and the police officer said flat-out that he no longer had to listen to her.
      That is the most ridiculous thing Iíve ever heard. I hope that Mom went right down to that police station and spoke to the chief of police about that incorrect information this man provided.

      The age of majority is 18. Until that time you are subject to the supervision and control of your parents unless you have been emancipated. In Louisiana if your parents are not willing to allow you to be emancipated, then the only grounds under which you can petition are: ill treatment (which does not mean not allowing you do whatever you want), refusal to provide support, or providing corrupt examples.

      Louisiana Code: Art. 29. Age of majority
      Majority is attained upon reaching the age of eighteen years.


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        Crappy laws

        Ok. Well, I'm not a lawyer and I only know what everyone has told us.... My little sister decided she wasn't gonna come home during Hurricane Gustav last year. She had her boyfriend pick her up & never came back. We called the Sheriff, juvenile officer, lawyers, you name it. This is what we learned: At 17 you can move out & the cops will not make you go home. If they wanna try to help, they might try to influence you to come home, but that's it. Also, there's a twist in the law that puts the parents responsible for making sure their kids go to school until 18. So basically, you can move out at 17, never go to school, & your parents can possibly do jail time for it. What my Dad had to do was emancipate her so that he doesn't get in trouble. It's impossible to be responsible for someone you have no contact with. What I thought was really crappy is the fact that she was big & pregnant with a hurricane on the way & they wouldn't make any exceptions. Word to the wise 17 year old girls: 9 out of 10, your parents/family will take better care of you than some boy who just wants to get in your pants.


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          Follow up

          Oh! By-the-way, her boyfriend was 21. Why would the police not force her to leave his house? If she had been molested at home, they wouldn't let her stay there... He got her pregnant at 16. He should be in jail for statutory rape. The only reason why my Dad didn't push it is because he thought my sister would hate him forever. The other twist in our messed up system: My Dad could get charged with Carnal Knowledge of a juvenile just because he didn't report the boyfriend for statutory rape. How messed up is that?! My Dad had no idea that they were having sex. They both swore that they weren't. He only found out when she told him she was pregnant.