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  • removing name from birth certificate Louisiana

    I was separated from my ex wife for 2 years when she got pregnant from her boyfriend. The divorce was finalized 5 months prior to her son being born. I was listed as the child's father on the birth certificate without my knowledge or consent. The only reason that I know is because I was served with child support papers from social services for him and my daughter that was born while we were married. I have no problem paying child support for my daughter but not for a child that is not mine. How do I go about having my name removed from his birth certificate? She admitted to the district attorney that the boy was not mine in court but not on record. They have not ordered me to pay support for him, but if something were to happen to me would this child be eligible to receive social security benefits because I am listed as his father? No dna has been ordered yet. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You will need an attorney.

    Unless the biological father comes forward, you may be out of luck - generally, if paternity is NOT disestablished as part of the divorce action, it's a done deal and only the bio father can challenge after that point.

    Yes, if something happened to you he could receive dependent benefits since you're the legal father.