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Ex-husband trying to move with my kids to TX Kansas

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  • Ex-husband trying to move with my kids to TX Kansas

    I am going through a custody battle with my ex-husband. I have been divorced 6 years and have joint legal custody of my children. At the time of our divorce I was a mess and agreed to him having residential custody. Because I knew I was in no shape to care for our children at that time. Have since then cleaned up my act, put myself through school, and have had my kids in a shared custody arrangement that he admits to following for the last 2 solid years. Prior to our divorce I was married to him for 11 years, stayed at home for nearly 8 years to raise our kids, put him through seminary(he was a pastor). For the 1st couple of years after leaving him I was out of control using drugs, alcohol and was also a stripper. Again I've straighten out. For the last 3 to 4 years I have not danced and have been/am a bartender while putting myself through school.

    My concerns are these, he has decided to move to Tx with his wife. I filed a motion to prevent this and asked for residential custody with a very fair visitation schedule for him. A restraining order was placed on him being able to move with them. He then filed a very detailed motion asking that the restraining order be lifted and claims I am unstable. It's like he kept a log of all my wrongs. My attorney has a detailed explanation for everything my X stated no matter how good, bad, or ugly. I've had my ups and downs but have gotten through all of it somehow and some of his statements are true. I have moved alot, I have had several jobs, I did have a crazy boyfriend. I just am not that person now.

    My kids don't want to move and he has become a complete jerk. Tomorrow there is a hearing on the restraining order being lifted. He is currently packing a moving van and has his car in TX and expects the judge to lift this order. What are the chances of this happening and my two children being pulled from school on Monday? If it is lifted what will that mean for the trial and the decision for who gets residential custody?

    He clearly only has his interests in mind with no regard to how this is effecting them. I am very close to my children. I just can't believe this is all happening. How much will the judges decisions weight on my past? I went through treatment. I got help for my problems. I am still continuing to make changes in my life everyday. I don't drink. I am in the process of opening my own business. I am completely stable now. I'm not perfect. I'm just so sick about all of this. Please help calm my nerves.