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can a mother change a childs name when the father is in prison? Kansas

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  • can a mother change a childs name when the father is in prison? Kansas

    I have a question regarding my nephew. My brother,his father has been in prison for the last 7 years and does not get along very well with his son's mother but we as his family have been very active in his son's life and take him to see his father on a very regular basis and also try to help out financially with his son as much as we can. My nephew love his dad very much and has recently expressed how upset he is at the fact that his mother has told him that she is going to have his last name changed to hers. I know that she is very frustrated that due to my brothers bad decisions she was left to raise her son by herself with no financial support from him since he has been in there. Now my brother was a very active part of his son's life and supported him financially before he went in and plans for it to be the same when he gets out but in the mean time I want to know if she would be able to change my nephews last name with out his our his fathers consent????

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    The only way she could have the child's name changed without the father's consent is if the court orders the name change. The odds of that happening are slim to none, and Slim left town last week.

    Now, this is assuming (and from you post I think it is a pretty safe assumption) that your nephew having the same name as his father is not detrimental to his well being due to why he his father has been imprisoned (such as axe murderer, etc.).

    In short, the kiddo's name will remain the same name he has had his entire life.
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