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  • I Need Help - Idaho

    I'm from Marsing, ID. I am 17 and graduating one year early. My graduation is schedules for May 25, 2006. I need out of the house! I realize most are going to say just wait it out till you are 18. There is a reason I am graduating one year early. I need out and I need advice and help to do it. I don't have any legal trouble or even a ticket. I am tired of being treated less than dirt and now even like a person anymore. Any and all advice and comments are welcome!

    If any lawyers are out there please start sending me e-mails, please include your fees. I will listen to what anyone has to say!

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    Help - Need Advice

    I have a mother who is emotionally abusive. I am 17 and she at one moment expects me to act like a perfect college student and literally the next she is telling me what matches with what and why and to wear certain shoes because they match. She explained to be that a DVD - I rented - had to discs and that one was for special features and the other was the movie and that I should use the scence seletions to find the part of the movie I need for my school project (I had never seen the movie). She is the one you asked me a while back if you had to rewind DVD's. These are minor and little things - none of which I realize are illegal.

    She makes me feel that I am worth absolutley nothing and am less than dirt. The way she talk to me and interacts with me, it seems that she thinks that I don't even have a brain in my skull. She repeats simple directions over and over every time I do that task, simple things I kindergardener get after the first time of explaining it.

    I am tired of feeling this small. I want out of the house, I have tried everything and neither one of us is going to change.

    Please! Any and all advice is welcomed!