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Mother won't let daugther talk to farther Alabama

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  • Mother won't let daugther talk to farther Alabama

    My husbands Ex wife will not let his daughter talk with him while she is down there for summer visitation. In the divorce paper it states that there shall be reasonable phone contact between 7am-8pm and this goes for mom and dad.
    So far she has been down there since 6-5 and he has talked to her once and he calls and calls but she will not answer the phone. Now if he did that to her she would throw a fit. But he don't to that he trys to make sure if we are going to do something he will call her so she can talk that way we won't miss a call. Is there anything we can do as far a contempt???
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    Sure, he can try to file contempt. The likelihood is that at worst Mom would receive a slap on the wrist.

    Of course this may depend on the definition of "reasonable", and what - word for word - the court order actually states.