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    My children were interviewed by DHR and from that interview in issue with a recent friend of the family came up that he had innapropriatley touched my daughter age 9now from them meeting with a therapist she (the therapist) is claiming that my daughter revealed to her that my son has also inappropriatley touched my daughter, he is 10. From what I understadn from my son they both had there underwear on adn both more or less patted each other on the outside of thier underwear and that was it adn it happened twice a couple years ago (he thinks, time is not always so clear to children). They want me to have my son diagnosed and seen by a psych doc and evaluated and are refeerign to him as a deviant and possible sexual offender in the future. I have not talked to my daughter about this because I did not want her to think I did not believe her however questioned my son being that he was the accused and trusted him to tell me the truth no matter how bad it may be. I beleive my son however Dhr adn more counseling folks are all on board for me and my ex-husband to seperate the children in order to protect my daughter. My ex-husband adn I adn my current husband all think this is the worse idea yet. HTat would be like seperating twins. I am worried if we tell them no way they will take them away from me or us adn force us to do it anyway. Can they do this? It is one thing to be educated and have an area of expertise it is another to be a parent and know more about your own children adn family then a couselor who has met with my children less than a handful of times. Legal feedback is urgent for me at this point and support. My ex and I are scared to reveal situation to too many people outside of our immediate family becasue we don't want that question to be there about our son and have him labeled.