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17 Indiana emancipation.. I need help fast Indiana

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  • 17 Indiana emancipation.. I need help fast Indiana

    I need help fast. I am 17, turning 18 in July, I am happily engaged to a marine. He leaves tomorrow for boot camp and my mom is insane. She used to love him but my brother accused him of stealing money when he didn't do it. My fiancÚ is a good man but she doesn't see it anymore. She said he's a bad influence on me because I disobeyed her rules by going to hang out with him. Tell me one 17 year old that hasn't made mistakes. My dad isn't around. She tried to file a no contact order against him because he confronted my brother about stealing. The no contact order didn't go through. She took my phone (in which I bought and pay for with my own money) and refuses to let me see or talk to him. She's never even home because she stays the night with her boyfriend a lot. Any food she makes is made to his likings and my brother and I can't eat it because it's too hot. I don't get along with her boyfriend and they are not stable.
    My mom has made me late for work several times. I pay for things I need and my phone bill already and I am always stuck at home because she doesn't let me do anything. She calls me a ***** (excuse the language) and yells at me all the time for nothing and we just got in a fight today because I snuck out for an hour to see him since he leaves tomorrow. I know it was wrong and I am held fully responsible for it. She called the cops on him and got in my face and threatened to hit me then shoved me into the wall. She has me to the point where I cry myself to sleep every night.
    I want to be emancipated because I can't handle her anymore. She controls every second of my life and even nailed my window shut and took my door off my room. She threatened to make me quit my job which is one of the things supporting me right now. I already have plans for my future and here are some of the qualifications I have:
    -I have had my job for 5 months and had one before for about 2 years. I am about to get a raise. I am looking for a second job.
    -I am about to graduate with A's and B's and a gpa of 7.6 and have plans to do online classes for nursing. I also want to pursue my art.
    -I have 3 places i can stay and I will be moving with my fiancÚ when he gets out of boot camp in June.
    - I will have my license in March (next month) and I will have my fiances truck so I will have a way to and from work and school. I will have other rides if anything happens to the truck.
    - I have a bank account with my fiancÚ and his money from boot camp will be direct deposited to help support me and he will be paid a year and a half ahead of everyone else when he gets out. Our bills will be paid for by the marines when we live together plus my income and his so we will be able to easily support ourselves.
    -I am responsible.

    I feel like I meet the qualifications to emancipate myself but I need help. Someone please let me know what i can do. Thank you.
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    You aren't even close to emancipation. Just to be clear, you are a minor. If Mom says no, you don't have a boyfriend and you surely don't have a fiancÚ. If you are sneaking out of the house and still insisting this guy is your fiancÚ, you are nowhere near mature enough to be on your own. Your mother is an adult so if she wants to spend time with her adult boyfriend she is entitled. If she wants to cook food you don't like ,she is entitled. If she takes away your phone, she can. It doesn't matter who bought it or if it was a gift. Once you turn 18 you can move out and live anywhere you like, but until then, mom's word is law and there isn't a court that in these circumstances would find otherwise.
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      You don't meet the most major of the requirements for emancipation, which is that you be SELF-supporting. Not that your boyfriend or fiance or parent or brother or Aunt Susan or best friend's parents are supporting you - that YOU, all by yourself without any help, are paying 100% of what it costs to support you. So when you are paying the market rate for rent, utilities, clothing, food, medical care, insurance, transportation, school fees and supplies, and all the other incidental of life all by yourself without any assistance, then you can talk to us about qualifying for emancipation. Until then, as long as you are still a minor, you live where your mother says you live.
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        You will be 18 in just a few more months - then you can live where you wish.
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