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Need some more indepth information! State: Pensylvannia Pennsylvania

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  • Need some more indepth information! State: Pensylvannia Pennsylvania

    I am 17 and am not neglected nor abused in anyway. When I was 5 my mother and father died so no one has legal custody of me just gaudian ship. I currently live with my fathers parents that support me in every way I do not get along with them in any way but that's not my reasoning for posting. I'm looking to emancipate myself I am currently in cyber school and marian a B average in grades. I do not have a job but I hae about 15,000$ saved up and I get 1,200$ a month from social security. I hve homicidal thoughts about my grandfather and was wondering since they do not have legal custody of me and I am concerned that I may kill my own family if I have to go on any longer if I am able to or have any chance at emancipating myself. As far as I know I hae a clean criminal record a means of support on my own and I have a plce to live down in Dodge City, Kentucky with a friend who's offered to let me live in one of his 2 homes an he also owns a dairy queen and offered me a job there till I find a different one. So as you can see I have a place to live a job when I get there and a secondary means of support via my social security whitch I recieve till I'm out of school. When I was younger I was bounced around from family member to family member first my mothers Moyer who was mentally and physical abusive then my aunt who was mentally and phycaly abusive now my grandparents who I fear my be endanger by me. I know that it's a therapy dic problem but I thought no haveing any legal custody of me would also help in the matter. Some advice would be nice.

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    You have no chance whatsoever of being emancipated. There are so many reasons I don't know which to address first.

    1.) Your state does not have a state statute for the emancipation of a minor. It's entirely by county and not all counties allow it. Even if yours does:

    2.) Your SS benefits would stop if you were emancipated so you would not have an income.

    3.) Emancipation means that you yourself are capable of paying 100% of your own expenses. It does not mean that you live with someone else who provides part or all of your support.

    4.) The fact that you are having homocidal thoughts and are afraid of killing your family means that no court anywhere in the US would find you to be a candidate for emancipation.

    Emancipation is not and never was intended to be a means for a minor to move out. It was and is intended to be a means of providing legal protections to those minors who, for reasons outside their own control, found themselves living on your own. In the very rare cases that it is granted, it is granted only to those teens who show above average stability and maturity, who have exceptional grades, and who have a proven record of self-support. You fail on all counts.

    PLEASE, talk to a counselor, doctor or pastor about these thoughts you are having. There may be some answers for you but emancipation will not be one of them.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      Thanks for the info that's all I needed I'll stick it out another year.


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        Good idea. It's only a year until you turn 18. You might still want to talk to someone about the thoughts you have been having.
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          Another option to consider is the Job Corps. You get free housing, free eats, free schooling in a career field, free medical & dental, and you get paid. Ok, the career fields are a bit limited. But it is an option. And I think that for some kids it's a great option.
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