My brother is 16 and will be 17 in August. Hes been having a lot of trouble at home. I got kicked out of there and now they are treating him like a slave. They are taking all his money that he makes. They also took all my money that was in the bacnk savings and they are going to do the same thing to him as well. He is going insane now because of them. They don't want him to hang out with me because i'm a bad influence. I have never got in trouble with the law so don't see why i'm a bad influence. We were both adopted. My husband and i have a place for him to be here. We want to help him out but don't know where to go from here. He has a job and is almost done with school for the year. They are threatening him now, saying that they;ll take his life from him. I was treated badly and don't blame him for not wanting to be there. I'm worried that he might hurt himself or someone due to not being able to take this anymore. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!