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Is diversion program possible for repeat offenders?

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  • Is diversion program possible for repeat offenders?

    I am in Ohio. The other night my boyfriend punched me in the mouth during an argument and then later started to choke me while I was holding our 15 month old daughter in my arms. That was not the first time he has ever laid a hand on me, nor is it even the first time he's been arrested for DV during our relationship, but it is the first time he is facing DV charges against me. He has a prior conviction from 1993 against his mother, so this time around he's looking at a felony. His family is hoping that, in lieu of a prison sentence, he went through in-patient rehab, domestic violence awareness classes, got the professional mental health counseling and medication he desperately needs and then proceeded to move out of the state so that we would not have to worry about his involvement in our lives ever again, and could perhaps get his charges knocked down to a misdemeanor. I personally would not object to such a program for him, especially since he has not attempted in the slightest to violate our existing restraining order, but I'm not optimistic that this could be possible now, since he is facing a felony and not just a misdemeanor. What's the best case scenario for him? I have no intention of EVER letting him back in my life; I just promised his family that I wouldn't make things harder than they need to be.

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    If the second case is a misdemeanor, it is possible that a diversion program might be the punishment. It depends on many factors, whether the initial crime was a misdemeanor or felony, and usually the size of the jurisdiction. In bigger jurisdictions, there is a bigger tendency to deal with misdemeanors by diversion agreement.