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    I am an international student, i attend school in Massachusetts, I have only stayed in this country for only one year. Things have been going on well with me when i came here but my abuse started when this boy came up to me and said he wanted to talk to me and i said ok, so we talked and i ended up giving him my number. When i got home, he called me and i never answer him when i know he's the one calling then i met him at school and he begged me to listen to him that he is very serious and wants to be friends with me then i did agreed, so we started going out and everything was great. I started trusting him which was a terrible mistake for me when he saw how much that was in my bank account he started asking me for money and telling me lies so i can give him money. Later he started damaging money from me and if i do not do it he starts pushing me and pulling me around and calls me names like i am a dumb *****, i am so stupid and ugly and all he ever wanted to do was to have **** me then because i get hurt by this i try to please him all the time so i do not get those curses, basically i see myself as a fool because i left myself to be abused physically, sexually and mentally, he told me not to come near his house or make any contact with his parents because i wanted to tell his parents about it but i couldn't because he threatened me that if i did he will make my life miserable and mess me up. I became so depressed and down casted because i had no one to turn to and i failed all my classes because of him, i met someone who is helping me out to file a police report on him but he heard about it and went to get a restrainting order on me, now i have to go to court on the 7/7/05, for a hearing, i see this boy going free for what he did to me, i am so confused that i do not know what to do.

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    Still file the police report and apply for a restraining order against him. Basically, he was a user and abuser who is trying to play the system to make you look bad because you are reporting him like you should. This is a classic head games preying on someone who is naive and does not know. And well, if you feel you need to contact the parents, maybe you can do so thru a third party or if you know where they work at, visit where they work. The thing is-- they may not believe you and may be fooled by their child. It happens that many parents are naive about their children and some are not naive and play along, and some are stronger and would talk to the kid about it. You should try to get legal counsel from the college or talk to someone at your country's consulate or embassy. I hope you get thru this and if you do, go to school and forget boys for awhile and be very careful. I suspeect you are not this boy's first victim and that he played you. If you go to court, explain the situation to the judge and tell the judge what you did here and that he used and abused and filed a restraining order just because you were going to file one against him and tell his parents about his behavior, and he was trying to keep you or initimidate you into not doing either of those things.


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      the advice given sounds great you just have to do it. Yes it can be hard for some women who are caring but remember you have to protect yourself.