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Finding myself in a bad situation k1 visa divorce Illinois

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  • Finding myself in a bad situation k1 visa divorce Illinois

    So I'm in a bad situation but I'm also in a better situation than I could be. I'm convinced I married someone with narcissistic personality disorder. Fits all the signs. I met him online 3 years ago and it slowly grew until I found myself unable to get out of it. The issue is he lives in England. Came over on the k1 visa. We never filed aos so I have no financial obligation to him with that. He went home a week ago. Just left because he also had a drinking problem and I got to the point where i couldn't deal with it anymore. I havnt spoke to him and have no idea how to get ahold of him. So I've just kind of put it on the back burner but what the heck should I do? I'm a single mother whose a nurse and works long hours. I have already poured so much money into this relationship. I spoke to a lawyer who said at the least it will cost 1500. That's insane. We were only married for a month!! Lol. I just want to forget it and not even deal with it. Will it bite me in the *** later on?

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    Illinois Pro Se Divorce

    Yes, an undissolved marriage can bite you later on. First of all, as a married person, for U.S. tax purposes you need to file as "married filing separately" which can cost you money. There are other rights and responsibilities to spouses. Plus, if you ever decide to marry someone else without dissolving this marriage, you are committing bigamy.

    There is a certain amount of work involved in a divorce and any attorney is going to want to be paid for the time it takes. I don't do family law, but $1,500 sounds reasonable, especially since it sounds like it will need to be done without any cooperation from your husband. You can do it yourself without an attorney if you are willing to do all the work yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you. Search online for " Pro Se Divorce In Illinois" and you will find resources which will walk you through what you need to do.
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