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abandonment in Pennsylvania(sorry so long)

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  • abandonment in Pennsylvania(sorry so long)

    My husband had an affair this past summer, he came back home since she threw him away, put a pfa on him, then lied and said he violated the pfa, then she calls the other day numerous times, telling him she needed to talk with him. Well the other night he went to shoot pool, didn't come home because of the weather...the roads were icy but called me in the am and told me he was on his way home, and it took him two hours to get here when it should have taken 40 minutes at the most. I asked him if went to talk to her, he said no, and I said well I don't trust you because yesterday you were willing to meet her, knowing how much it hurt me. So he got up and said that's all I needed to hear, you don't trust me and he left. Funny thing is he went to her place. Of course neither one would answer the door. I went back and he was just going to his car and he said I'm filing for divorce. She conned, manipulated him and lied to him then did all of the above. She was able to do that because he was messed up over his mother's death and we just lost his father, all the stress over this pfa crap and I lost my job last march, I was going to school, but when he came back, he attempted suicide 3 times in front of me, and at the same time I lost my stepmom, and with all that stress I had to quit school because I couldn't concentrate enough and handle everything at home. With the other stuff going on I still haven't found a job yet. When he left the other day he took all the smokes and left me with no money and close to our utilities getting turned off, little gas in my vehicle. I'm so devastated I haven't been able to eat or sleep in the last 5 days. If he files for divorce can I contest it? I know it sounds crazy, but I know there is love there on both parts. He quit taking the meds he was prescribed for his depression and quit counseling, so I know he is still not mentally right. He gets disability insurance from where he worked for a back injury. Also can I make it a fault divorce and make him pay for it? Would I be able to get child support even though our daughter wants nothing to do with him...she is 15. I know if he serves me with papers I need to get an attorney, but with no money I don't know what to do. Also we have a mortgage and he started so many home repair jobs and left then undone, there is no way we can sell the house to even break even on the balance of the house. The loan is ownly in his name but the house is in both our names. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for letting me get things off my chest.