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Help.I pay and can't see my child!!

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  • Help.I pay and can't see my child!!

    I live in Nashville, TN and I have been divorced for 14 years...I have always and currently pay child support as it comes directly out of my paycheck..however, my daughter is now 16 the teenage years are upon me..but I don't get to see her and she won't return any of my calls and my ex-wife says she can't make her come over and visit with me and she won't make her do daughter drives and can come out here and I will pick her up but it seems as a father who tries to do what's right I have no RIGHTS ...I pay and if I didn't I would be in jail but it's ok for the mom not to enforce visitation with my child. Does anyone have any would be costly to go to court...and come to find out if I take her to court for contempt she could try to have my child support raised. This is not right..I want to see my child and it's not fair I pay my child support religiously and always have and can't get any response from the ex-wife or my daughter..any suggestions..thanks so much..

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    well, first things first, she can have your child support re-evaluated about every 2-3 years- it is not contingent upon going back to court

    is there a court order for visitation?

    non legal- is there a way that you can talk to your daughter about how she would like to spend time with you? maybe take her to dinner a couple nights a week? at this point you could very well force her to visit but it may just further damage the relationship, maybe if you and your daughter could work something out that works for both of you- them you could still see her without her resenting you for it