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Support/Custody Battle for a child that may not be my husbands

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  • Support/Custody Battle for a child that may not be my husbands


    This is going to be a bit long so please be patient. My husband and I have been married for 5 years and we have both lived in Pennsylvania all our lives.. He was involved with another woman approximately 11 years ago. The woman had a child and told my husband that it was his. They were not married at all!!! He signed off on the birth certificate under the impression that the kid was his because that is what she told him. When the kid was about 18 months old he had a DNA test done which cost $1,000.00. It came back that he is not the father by 99.9%!

    Now after 11 years this woman has filed for support from him. Here is the kicker, my husband called the DNA lab at which the test was taken and they can not find the DNA records for his case. The records should still be in the archives because they are held for 10 years. They are missing! The representative at the lab advised that she believes it is a criminal doing and that the paperwork that he possesses is a forgery. They have launched a criminal investigation into where the paperwork went!

    His court date is May 18th in Pennsylvania. All parties live in PA. What could happen in court? Can he request that there be another DNA test done prior to paying support and medical for this kid? Will the Judge automatically award support for this kid eventhough he has been deceived? This child looks like his ex-girlfriends first husband.. Can we have her ex-husband subpeona into court for a DNA test too?

    Please help me! I am going crazy thinking of what could be!