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  • support hearing in Pa

    My boyfriend has a daughter who will be 12 next month. When he filed for divorce her mother was suppose to file for a support hearing but to date hasn't. They had a verbal agreement until the hearaing was scheduled. This was 7 years ago. Alot of things have changed over the 2 years that I've known him. Not for the good. His ex starting taking cocaine and drinking more,She quit her job driving bus because she has carpal tunnel, her husband wasn't working, they were going to loose their house. Now we found out that they are using registration and tags from another vehicle to drive their van which can't be inspected. They had a two stall garage that is over half full of garbage because they can't afford trash pick up. the kids have no phone or television. Which as far as the television goes it is not a necessity. My boyfriend went to domestics to file a hearing and was told he couldn't that she would have to since she is custodial parent. He wants to establish a support order that is legal so why can't he file since there is no original order?
    Whenever his daughter is home she is always at her cousins because her mother doesn't want her there, it interferes with her parties. Anyone know where to go from here?
    Sorry this is so long but this doesn't even start todescribe her home life.

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    Sounds like maybe he should file for custody.


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      This is true but she doesn't want to come and live here. She can get away with too much at her mothers. And also her father's hours have been cut until the weather clears. But we are planning on filing.