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    I have been reading postings on this site for quite a long time and I am sure my opinion will not be very popular but I can't help but make a few comments. I have noticed that in many cases people ask legitimate legal questions and receive some very insightful and quite possibly helpful advice, and to that my hats off to those of you that take the time to help people in their time of need, at no cost. I also know for certain that it must be difficult to give advice to individuals that lie about the situation they are in and distort the facts. I also know that some of you use this forum as a soap box to stand up on and tell how you've been wronged and have people pat you on the back and make you feel better about yourself. The truth is that for most of those individuals they certainly make a reader think they are still emotional involved in relationships that have long been over. I agree that money keeps you tied to someone you would rather have no further ties with but I hear lots of hostility and anger when the relationships didn't work, big deal, move on. Lots of parents and new significant others that think that once a divorce takes place, especially if it was the other person's choice, they no longer have an obligation to care for the children. Instead of just making their child support payment as the state law establishes they connive, cheat, lie and do whatever they can to get out of taking care of their children. They even go so far as to walk out on children to save themselves money. I don't understand why these parents don't spend the same amount of energy making a healthy, happy living environment for their children and less time breaking it down with the lies and deception ultimately making themselves miserable, bitter and negative all the time. I've noticed quite a few actually describe how the opposite family lives, what their bills are, etc. Well, you may THINK you know their money situation but the truth is you may not have a clue. Each person in this world spends their money differently, prioritizes it differently, saves it differently, the list is endless. Instead of wanting what someone else has, work on your situation being the best it can be and again the power of positive thinking comes into play here. And oddly enough, some don't even stop to think that possibly the other party reads these and the inflammatory/slanderous things they write can be used against them at some point. That in itself would make me wonder why someone would post things very personal and run the risk of having the other person find out. I know that most of the readers are such as myself and find that we can learn alot from these situations and keep ourselves informed of the laws that affect us. I am also intelligent enough to acknowledge that there are a million different scenarios out there but the reality is that alot of them are situations made worse by immature, scared, money hungry people that are so busy pointing the figure the other direction that they themselves don't even see that they make their situation 300% worse by bad choices, uneducation and dishonesty. I know I probably irritated alot of people, those would be the ones that fit into this angry category because you don't see the error of your ways but I feel that someone had to say it. I'm sure alot of you read these, answer them and think to yourself, man I'm glad I don't have those feelings or walk in their shoes or I would be eaten alive by stress. However, I would highly recommend to many of you that you do some serious soul searching, spend more time becoming a better person, happier, more positive and you will go on to have more successful rewarding relationships in the future with spouses and your children, ALL of them. It is a known fact that if you are positive in your life, then positive things will come your way. Step outside yourself absorbed world and enjoy this lifetime, you only have one.