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    Originally posted by satmike
    Hello everyone! I am here in Texas now, The Woodlands, Tx just north of Houston. Thank you to everyone for all the help and support. I love the new job and I am realy like the area. I am living in a hotel for now but I hope to get an appartment soon. Even so I am feeling better knowing I will be able CS going again and be able to get my kids and my life back together. If CS does not go back into terrorist mode again all will be well and paid up soon. The kids i have custody off are going to move up this summer, I am not sure if the are goingt to go back for school next year tho I told them it was thier choice. I was told that this job has agood chance of becoming permanent. I am not sure how things keep turning around so fast, I am just realy glad this time it was a good turn around.

    Thanks again!
    Congrats! You are in a really nice area. I bet the kids will LOVE it one they get there. Your only about an hour away from the beach too! So the kids will probably have no problem wanting to stick around (plus The Woodlands have GREAT schools).


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      Well we are moving from florida and the beaches were minutyes away. but I have already scoped out the schools and I agree 100% and the people here are so friendly! I am feel preety good that the kids will want to stay. My ex was even nice today! she must have ran over a small animal or

      Do you live live in the area?


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        Originally posted by dadindeed
        Well it sounds to me that he has not payed child support since January, but if the mom was just struggling to make ends meet so bad, why did she tell him on the phone yesterday that she had to go, because she was going to the tanning booth?? sdounds like her not getting child support is not putting much of a tole on what she does.

        I do not blame this man at all! You can only do so much, you can only deal with a psycho ex for so long, to where you just break! We are human, and speaking as a woman myself, It sickens me how woman lie and cheat the system to get what they want, and to totally screw the men. YES I blame the PEOPLE working the system to let this happen to all the men that actually try and pay, and see their children. These asses for cp moms can actually deny visitation, even with a court order, and men just have to deal till the system decides after usually months possibly years to do something about it.

        My husband pays $527 a month in child support, we have 3 children together, and he just got laid off work, we even have a letter from his job to prove it. He applied for unemployment till work starts back up. He was granted the unemployment, and guess what, he is getting half of what he would normally get working from unemployment, and they are still taking the same ammount of child support out. He is bringing home $390 bi-weekly. He brings more than that home weekly with his normal job. How are we supposed to survuve on that, I work, but don't bring home much, he is the bread winner in this home, as the man usually is. How is that fair??? The mom is living great, she makes weekly trips to the mall to get her kid gap, childrens place, and old navy clothes, and herself all the expensive clothes. Gets her hair and nails done regualrly. She is HIGH maintenance. She only works babysitting some during the week, and gets paid good to do it. She lives in a apartment with her sister, and only has to pay 300 to live there, has a new car that her gramps pays for cause she has a spending problem, and he made one payment for her when she could not, and since then she took advantage of it and has yet to make one herself.

        I see first hand these *****ES, my husband deals with one. BUT you know what, he also does what he has to do to MAKE sure he can see his child. If he is denied he is right down at the court house defaulting her! She may win at times, BUT we will get back on her! You can only lie for so long before your *** gets caught up!
        First of all, your husband had a child, just because he went and got you knocked up doesn't lessen the obligation towards his first child. You also obviously have no idea how hard it is to make ends meet for single parents. You yourself stated your husband is the "breadwinner" for your household. What if he left you, could you pay your bills by yourself, and keep your children in the lifestyle they are used to? Probably not, women or men who are the custodial parents, are not B*tches for needing child support, if your husband was married to 1st childs mom, he would pay for the child 100% of time like he does with your kids. I know not every state is different, but my state is very fair, and factors in time spent as long as it is at least 1/3 of time with ncp. Why can't she go tanning, your husbands the "breadwinner", are you saying you don't do anything nice for yourself with "his hard earned Money"?