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  • KY Child Support Calculations

    When calculating gross income... if you this paycheck stubb that I have it shows gross pay at $....., but then below it, it subtracts out of that, Life Insurance and 401K. There is an * next to these that says that these are excluded from Federal Taxable Wages. So therefore the federal taxable wages are lower.
    So my question is, which number would you go by? Doesn't the money taken out for Life Insurance and 401K count towards gross income for child support since it is a voluntary action?

    Or should we go by state tax returns???

    Thanks for your input.

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    csp calcuation

    Try this web sight, i'm sure it will help you. Good luck!
    Some live and learn while some learn to live


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      Hi there! I want to reply to your question by saying that my Hubby and I just went through the Kentucky Family Court deal about 3 months ago for what I hope is the very last time we have to do it. In Kentucky, apparently they count whatever they want to count as "gross earnings". He pays support to his EX there in Kentucky. We live in Texas and Texas is in the process of modifying his support according to Texas state guidelines because Kentucky's suck ***. Texas only counts "federally taxable income" when determining child support amounts. Kentucky basically just comes up with an amount from their asses and throws it down on paper. My husband is in the military and gets roughly $2400 a month "base pay" and also gets $878 in housing allowance plus about $270 for "sustinence" (groceries). However, the only amount he is taxed on is the base pay and the only reason he even gets the other two amounts is because he is married to me. I f her weren't married to me he would live in barracks and get a meal card for the chow hall on post. Needless to say, Kentucky decided that he made over $3300 a month and based his support on that amount. Funny thing is is we live in on base housing and they take the $878 before we even get it so we never see a dime of it. So anyways Texas is modifying it and also I am not sure if you are aware of this or if it even applies to ya'll but child support can be paid according to the state of residency of the payee so I have no idea if ya'll live in the same state as the mother of the kids but if not I would go through your state.Kentucky has some **** *** laws and statutes but there are ways to get around them. If you must, move to another state and after 6 months of residency then file it! LOL...just a thought for ya! Take care and if you need anything else please let me know...I know Kentucky State statutes like the back of my hand now 3 years into dealing with that state!!

      P.S. They are supposed to exclude State Tax, Federal Tax (FICA), Social Security, Meidcare and some others depending on what your particular situation is like and if he pays out to anyone previously too. Then they are supposed to calculate it from there.


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        I agree

        The Kentucky child support system does suck!! They could care less about being unfair to fathers. People always make fun of Kentucky for being backwards and the child support system here just reinforces that!