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Defax in GA my house, whats next

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  • Defax in GA my house, whats next

    So, i work and the other day i come home to find that defax has been at my house. Long story short, This women called my dad a lot of times and said i was seeing her boyfriend. Well, shes 37 and he's 28. i was not "seeing" him persay but was around him and had fun being around him. We were just friends. Now, defax is at my house questioning my parents parenting ability. I'm 16 and i'll be 17 in January. I'm also moving out in january. TOmorrow (monday) defax will be coming to my house to chat it up with me iguess you could say. The funny thing is the women that called them has already had her kids taken away from here before. i found a paper that was given to my parents to give to me. its a NOTICE OF PRIVACY RIGHTS- Georgia department of Human Resources. It's talking about giving my medical information out, on the back it requests i sign it if i think my privacy rights have been violated or something. i've read it abunch of times but don't quite understand it. So please let me know what this is... have they got my doctor files?? i don't want them to have them and they have no proof that i was doing anything with this man. If anything, she came up to my car after stalking us one day all day long we were at the store getting gas and she was her 12 year old son and her 7 year old son along wiht her 16 year old daughter and her nephew also 16. Her 16 year old daughter comes up to my wndow trying ot beat it out and she goes up to him wtih brass knuckles and begins hitting him and my car. He jumped in the car and left. She then tries to get my dad involved in it. Once she realized that that didn't work she called defax. Now what!!! HELP ME! please. i dont know what to do. i have30 more days, what is the point in this????? Isn't it a waste of time when they are suppose to be helping people and i mean they aren't helping my family. THis is ridiculous. My parents are a lot of things but neglegent is not one of them. hit me back if you can. Thanks.
    one more thing- consentual age for sex in georgia with an older person?

    and how can i stop th em from gettin gmy records! THATS MY RIGHTS! they haven't aloud me a lawyer or nothin. HELP! im pretty mad about allt of this adn its making me hate too much. Hate's not a good thing!