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  • Signing Birth Certificate

    When it comes time to have signatures on my unborn baby's birth certificate... If I am unsure which man is the father and they both are aware of that, what should I do? Will I get in trouble if my fiance signs the certificate (he is more than likely the father) and i turns out to be the other man's child? What should I do? He has been there throughout the entire pregnancy and the baby will have his last name and everything. What to do?

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    keep quiet and hope the baby's daddy looked close enough to him to get by.
    (the doctor said it on the tv show House last night)



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      Well... I was already completely honest with my fiance (we were on a break and I got drunk and things went sour...etc... that's where the other man comes into play) My fiance wants to sign the birth certificate, but with a doubt that my child may not be biologically his, and with us knowing there is a chance that he is not, we just don't want to get into any trouble. They actually do look similar.
      My baby will have my fiance's last name from birth regardless.


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        Do you have to have a "father's" signature on the birth certificate at birth? When my stepson was born, his birth mother refused to let my husband be anywhere near her or the baby. My husband's name wasn't even added to his son's birth certificate until he was almost three years old. I don't know if it matters state to state, but check that out.


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          I live in CA and before my daughter was born i had questions about the birth certificate as well. I was informed that if the two parents are NOT married when the child is born, then the alleged father must constent to sighn the papers to then be put on the actual birth certificate. So my beilef is that if your fiance is comfortable with sighning the papers and having the child have his last name no matter if it is his or not then you won't get into any "trouble". You also do not have to have a fathers name on the certificate when you leave the hospital, so if you would like to wait to get a paternity test and be sure you are putting the correct name on the certificate, then that is fine as well. There is still no fathers name on my daughter's certificate and she just turned 15 months. Hope I was helpful


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            If you both believe that he is the father and it is based in good faith, I see no problem with him signing the birth certificate.


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              A very simular situation happened to me. My boyfriend was informed along with the other man. When signing the Birth Certificate, the hospital requires either a paternity test or a waiver of the right to a paternity test. This waiver states that he has 90 days to contest and have a paternity test done and if the test comes out the opposite, he can release his rights. This is the same thing as adoption. If you two do not work out as a family in the future, he still accepts the responsiblity for this child and will have to pay support for that child until the age of 18. It is your right to have whom ever sign the certificate. If the other alleged father thinks the child is his, he has the right to take you to court and force you to have a paternity test done on the child. With that said, if the other man doesn't care if the child is his or not, you are capible of making that decision on your own. My suggestion....get the test done regardless. If he does't care whos child it is, then it will clear minds from the beginning. This will not arise in arguements as it did for me. You will not be paying the 500 dollars to get this done if you do it from the beginning.


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                I'm not sure what the law is on this issue but if you and your fiance are aware of the fact that the child may not be his and you both are fine with that and plan to build a life together, I don't see why there would be a problem unless the other father wants to keep his rights to be in the child's life. I suggest getting a DNA test on both possible fathers. If the other man waives his rights then I don't see why you and your fiance should have no problem.
                Good Luck.
                ~ Nita Mae ~


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                  Assumed Paternity

                  Not sure which state you are from, but this should be addressed in the Family Law section of the Civil Code for your state.

                  Why not just do the DNA testing now and clear the air?