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What is the Law on an unfit parent - NC?

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  • What is the Law on an unfit parent - NC?

    This is for my sister.... She has a 3 year old daughter....Both parents are active in the childs life and they were never married. it has been 3 years now and the father has not put alot of energy into his relationship with his daughter however is a good dad. Teh mother (my sister) has been awesome needless to say.....always taking care of their daughter needs. THe father is a cop and has an off schedule...and the mother has always accomadated his schedule with vistations.......He is now threatening her(my sister) for custody..more out of a control issue than anything......certainly not takign the best interest of the child in mind and wants to prove the mom unfit.....What determines the courts eyes.....The mother doesnt have a squeaky clean past (prior to the child) and neither does the father. What are the mothers options........the father wants to drag my sisters past up.........therefore his will be prought up by her...etc..its not about them its about the best for the child.......What can be doen in fairness or by law...?
    The father has threatened on and off for two year to fight this and take it to court with nothing to show for it........It is driving my sister crazy. they both are fit parents...but how can they avoid the dragging through the mud stage and try to sit down reasonbly and settle something in writing? CIVILLY? It more about him trying to prove her to be mentally unstable...(which she is not) if she was i'd be the first to admit it......but both of them have had baggage itn eh past proir to the child...what will the ocurt consider int he case? what can my sister do to insure the child a stable enviroment(with her) The father is out to only prove something against the mother......vendictivness......will never get you anywhere.... PLEASE HELP what is NC Law on this?

    the Aunt

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    I hope you testify for your sister and say what you said in the post- it is about the best interest of the child and all is good, but the father wants to pull a power play. Who knows why with his line of work he thinks he can provide a more stable home for the child, so then I have to think he hates paying child support and is being cheap. There is court ordered mediation in some instances, but hopefully someone can get a hold of the father to stop this. Is there someone who can get him to drop this? Even going to court, I do not think the judge would change anything since they both have problems and are trying to do right byt he child, but the father is in a dangerous job and does not have time to be a full-time single parent.