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  • Trying to collect support

    I'm in Texas, my husband recently fled to Florida (after hiding out in Texas for 4 years without me knowing it) we've been separated since 1997, I left him while pregnant with our daughter (I tried filing for divorce 3 times but he contested it refusing to pay child support and I couldnít afford for it to go to court). He's an alcoholic and violent (which is documented by both me and the Navy, which he was kicked out for the attorney generalís office has all the documentation). Since shortly after her birth (9/97) I filed with Texas state attorney general for assistance in child support. It wasnít until February of this year, after he fled from Texas to Florida, that he was finally served by a sheriff about child support. He had 20 working days to contest it, the 20 day mark passed by with no response so the Florida attorney generalís office did an administrative support order instead of it going in front of a judge.

    Well they caught him in a good job, and I was awarded an amazing amount of support and back support only for him to quit his job and file an appeal saying he was never notified about the child support. How would he stand on the appeal since he was served by a sheriff (he did submit paperwork to contest but it was post marked after the set deadline so he knew he got served)? And now that heís voluntarily unemployed where does that leave me? How does the appeal process work (itís all going through Floridaís courts)?

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    The state's attorney or prosecutor's child support division should help you and represent you. In most cases, voluntary underemployment will not reduce the child support obligation. If the court finds voluntary underemployment, there is likely no reduction in the support and the amount owed will continue to accumulate.