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  • Child is aways sick

    My fiance Met this girl and had somewhat of a relationship with her and she cheated on him and he left her. Not knowing she was pregnant. When the child was 16 months old he came to find out that this child was his. He thought he should give the relationship on more chance. And she cheated again she left and then came back with their son stating she had nowhere for him to stay. So my Fiance Took his son in no questions asked. He had his son for about 3 months until money got really tight and he had to apply for cash assistance and get child support form the mother. She came by and ask to she her son and left with him. Later after my Fiance realized that it was starting to get late he called her and she said that he was in a better place. And that he would never see his son again.
    She signed over rights to a lady that has custody of her older daughter. (ok this girl has three kids and has signed over rights to all three of them). But he is trying for custody and does not have the money to pay for a lawyer at this point. He pays his child support. Had a DNA test (99.9%).
    The problem is... The child is always supposably sick. He always has a runny nose. Now the child is 2 and 1/2. He hates baths and cries to no end as soon as he hears a bath. ALL his ailments that he supposably are... Hearing problems, lactose intolerant, speach problems, allergic to the sun, all of these we really have yet to see. The main thing I see is he is always sick with a congested cough. I pesonally have two children of my own and seen colds and fever and projectile vomiting but this is not right. Please help us get him out of this house.
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    Legal Services or Legal Aid take cases for free for the indigent. However, before he can get custody, he needs to show that he can support the child by providing an adequate home and having enough income to provide a decent life for the child. If the goal is to get the child back, contact DCF and possibly file a report to have the child removed from his current environment since his medical needs are not being met. Request that DCF put a parent reunification plan in place and apprise the court that steps are being taken so that the father can resume custody of the child since the mother signed away her custodial rights without consulting the father. The father can seek sole custody in court on his own, but it may be easier to get the child if a third party can verify he has a home and facilities for the child and the ability to support the child.