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I owe I owe so off to work I go!

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  • I owe I owe so off to work I go!

    I would like to know if my ex-wife can have my wages garnished. While I was laid off from my job. She allowed me to not pay her until I went back to work. When I did go back to work I owed her $1000 dollars. I started paying her the weekly amount plus what extra I could afford. She claims It's not enough and threatened to call DFS on me. She makes more money than I do. What are my rights? I would gladly raise my son without any money from her. She has money troubles(self inflicted)and blames my $1000 dollars as the problem. I do the best I can. But I feel she spends excessively and blames me.

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    If she makes more than you, you should seek a review of support and modification of support to take into account her income. If you want custody, pursue that also. You should have a valid reason for that, like in best interest of the child, and not anti-mother.