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Criteria for Father's custody

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  • Criteria for Father's custody

    I am interested in finding out the criteria for getting custody of one child that is almost a year old if the mother disputes it. What are the chances of the father getting custody? If there is going to be a new stepparent would that make things harder. What are the crieteria considered? I live in Indiana and would appreciate anyone who could help me.

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    The first factor looked at is what is in the best interest of the child. When a child is young, unless the mother is proven unfit or unwilling or unable to take on the responsibilities of parenthood, the mother is likely to get custody because nurturing is a trait required more by younger children. Other factors are the ability to provide a stable environment for the child, meaning food, clothing, shelter, emotional and financial support, family support, and the ability to support the child. I suggest that you try to set up a free consultation with some family law attorneys in your area, so that you can get an idea of how the courts work locally where you are at. These are general points that are looked at, but how they are applied in each court will vary.