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ex won't let me see my kids

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  • ex won't let me see my kids

    i'm here because my ex and i seperated almost a year ago...we have three babies together. anyhow. about six months ago, i needed to sit out some traffic tickets, and asked my ex if he'd keep the kids for a couple weeks till i got out of jail. he said no, i needed to figure out how to do things on my own...well, i never really figured out what to do, and i looked into temporary foster care...the babies would go to a home for three months, and i'd be able to see them often, and, if in three months, i had things straight, i'd get them back. well, when my ex found that out, he said he'd go ahead and take care of them until i got on my feet. so, i turned myself in, sat in jail, and when i got out, i found out through his family that he plans on never giving the kids back to me. last weekend, i saw my youngest for the first time since november, only because i went to my ex's dad's house to say hi, and there he was. i never had a phone number to reach my babies until last weekend, when my ex's EX gave me the number. the first time i called, he said he'd never let me see the babies, they've forgotten about me, and they are better off without me, but then, he called and said he'd let me see them...that was a week ago. when i called this morning, his girlfriend answered and told me that "it's not a good idea" for me to see them cause they don't remember me and bla bla bla. ANYWAY. i never wanted this to get ugly, but they have made it so, so i'm wondering if in texas, i'd get in trouble if i went & got them. i'm worried because my ex has threatened to move to colorado with them, and i don't want to make him mad cause he's hateful enough to go thru with it. my ex kept his two other children from their mom for over a year just out of spitefulness and it seems he's going to do the same to me. he says he's doing this cause i thought of foster care. well, if anyone can at all help me, i'd GREATLY appreciate it. i miss my babies like crazy. thank you.-amie

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    hello Amy

    not sure how else to help but there is a lot of self help and others from tx at following address

    off hand i would say that you need to petition the courts for temporary relief and also a custody order unless you already have one.

    i would need more information to answer further


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      You need to file an emergency petition for custody. You would seek to enforce the existing custody order with you being the primary caregiver and your ex having visitation. You should also ask the court to address visitation and clarify what is reasonable visitation. If you lack funds, go to Legal Services or Legal Aid for assistance.