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  • Parental Alienation Kentucky

    I need info about child support and visitaion and parental alienation in ky..

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    And it will be much easier to give you that information if you provide us with some details of the situation.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      yes i guess it would..sorry. Its just such a long story and there doesnt seem to b a good place to start wo feeling like i am puttin too much personal stuff out there. my husband and his ex have two kids one 11 and one 15. they live w her. and up until last year my husband has given in to everything she wanted or i should say demanded against my wishes. we finally had to get a lawyer last summer (insert the long story part here) and our lawyer told my husband that i had been right all along and even if some of her previous requests were things a judge woulda ordered he didnt have to put up w all her verbal hissys and putting him down esp in front of the kids and we shoulda been to court a long time ago to settle some things. well now that things r settled some shes up to the drama again and im pushing my husband to follow thru w that advice and go to court to have visitation set in stone (as of now the order just says free and liberal..they have split custody) and to have the judge re-inform her that she isnt suppose to talk the kids about any cs issues whether truth or lies and she should in NO WAY ever try to act like we cant see them based on if she feels we should b able to afford to! What i need to know is how to keep my husband from being shut out of the kids' lives and how much it might cost to take all this to court. so far our lawyer just wants 500 to go to court over setting up set visitations. I feel like theres alot of parental alienation goin on from her end and although maybe not as extreme as some cases i just wonder what laws r in place in ky and how i should go about dealing w it


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        He (not you) needs to get the Judge to make orders clear so Mom does not abuse loopholes. If parental aleination exist Dad (again not you) needs to bring up that issue as well. I realize you want to help your husband and you feel as his wife (and step Mom) you have a role. You don't! Your involvment could make matters worse. Your husband and his Attorney need to deal with this. Once again since Judge's orders are not clear they need to be made clear so no one abuses them


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          I dont get involved as far as any court stuff w the judge..besides making decissions here in the home together on what steps to take and meeting w our lawyer together i stay out of the situation. I dont sit w them in court and i dont say anything to the ex wife. I dont txt or call her or discuss anything to do w any of it besides w my husband and our lawyer. I am just tryin to get information for my husband reguarding the situation...tryin to see what laws r in place and what steps to take to make things easier for him wo making it harder on the kids