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  • HELP NEEDED Illinois

    I was talking to the child support enforcement the other day regarding my case because they sent me a notice in June 2009 saying they were going after my son's father for child support. My son is only 6 years old and his fater is over $10,000 behind in child support. I called to see what was going on because he has paid alot of fines this year to the court house which having nothing to do with me but if you can pay that much in fines then I feel you should beable to pay child support. I haven't received a payment in over a year. The question that I have is the guy from the child support enforcement told me that they can contact the regional office and go after that money he paid for fines so I can get my child support and then he would still owe all that money back for fines. Has anyone ever heard of that is a way to collect child support? I am just wondering if it is true or if he is blowing smoke up my butt so he doesn't have to deal with me! Please if anyone knows the answer please respond.