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Next step in child custody/support case in California

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  • Next step in child custody/support case in California

    Yesterday I was served forms FL-220, FL-105/GC-120, and Proof of Service. Once I fill out the forms, make copies, re-serve them back to the mother, and drop off the copies to the Clerks office, what would be my next move? She is petitioning to establish parental relationship and checked the boxes Child Support, Visitation, and Child Custody. She also wants sole legal and physical custody of our daughter. We were never married. I am confused what to do after I serve the papers and file them because a cover letter on the forms served to me says "These papers only begin the action. The response shows the court that you are a participant in the action. Additional forms are needed to get custody or support orders and to get a final judgement." Any help would be appreciated as to what forms I need to complete once I file the forms already served to me. Also, do you know of any reliable low-income or Paid Legal support in Ventura County?

    To help me determine which forms to file, here might be some important information
    1) I plan on trying to get joint 50/50 legal and physical custody.
    2) This is for 1 child, an 8 week old daughter.
    3) The case resides in Ventura County but I will be moving one county down to Los Angeles County to start graduate school in September.

    Also, will the judge try and grant me less custody because I will be in graduate school 70 miles away from the mother?

    Lastly, because she is opening up a child custody and child support case, will one case have to be resolved before the other? Does that mean I will attend two different court dates?