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  • Recoupment of Retroactive Arrears - Texas

    Hello all! I want to ask for any advice on the topic of Retroactive Arrears in child support. My husband gained Sole Custody of his two girls in Nov. 2007 via a Dependency Case where the children were removed by the State of Kentucky from their NM's home. There was no Child Support Order enforced at the time but children came to live with us on 11/06/07 and continue to reside here.

    NM has never sent ONE RED CENT to my husband for the support of her children from day one. She sent them here with no shoes, socks, clothes, car seats...nothing at all. She has had no contact with the children since the day they were removed from her home either. Recently (Jan. 2009). the County in which she resides answered the State of Texas Attorney General's Petition on my husband's behalf and Ordered her to pay my husband a monthly amount of support, $50 extra toward arrears and Medical Support of the two minor children BUT only stated $835 in arrears. It was explained to me that they could only enforce arrears from the date of filing for the Order.

    Does anyone know how to sue for the total amount of support the children are owed from the date of the change of custody in Texas or Kentucky? Surely she would be required to reimburse my husband for her portion of the expenses to care for the children for 15 months so far!! Thanks for any advice that you could give! Have a great day...