I currently live in CA, I have 3 children aged 12, 14 and 18 that live in NY that I pay support for. My ex husband is bringing me back to court for more support, the issue I have is those 3 children do not reside with him, we do have joint custody, residence is with him though. My children are living with their grandparents (his parents). They are in their late 70's, and would never drag their son to court for support, the same song and dance : parents would say "son we need some money" the son would reply in saying "next week". I know this because my mother-in-law tells me. If I have to pay support so should he. Do I have a legal option in some how making it so if my children are not residing with the custodial father, to make it so my ex-in-laws have custody? He lists his address as one place on the support papers and my childrens at his parents residence. Also in my divorce decree it says nothing in respect of who has to have medical coverage when it comes to the children, can he go though family court in NY and make me liable for the medical bills? Don't get me wrong if I had medical coverage for my children I would surely put them on. I also pay the min amount for support as I do not work these days, I'm a stay at home mom with an 18mos old from a new relationship. I'm NOT trying to get out of my responsabilities, any health care these children have or had was always through county help. My 18yr old would like to know if he could bring his dad to court on behalf of himself also? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.